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Soffit & Guttering

Soffit & Guttering

Fascias, soffits and guttering products are essential components for any property. Exposed to the elements, they play a crucial role in protecting the roof space and rafters of your home.

It's easy to go unnoticed day to day, but old, rotten or discoloured fascia, soffit and guttering can not only impact negatively on the visual look of your property but cause damage to your roof rafters.

Fascia requirement is to be durable, weather-resistant, visually appealing and – due to their location and lack of access – very low maintenance. The products we offer exceed all these requirements. 

Damage from water entering your property due to guttering issues can cause a lot of problems. Once it's found its way in, it can be hard and expensive to remedy. Ensuring you have a reliable, robust guttering system is paramount.

The products we offer are a versatile systems interchangeable and compatible. Engineered to offer long lasting reliability, hard wearing and maintenance free. Giving you peace of mind but also aesthetically satisfying.

Is gutter a standard style and shape?

No, we offer three different styles of UPVC gutter:

  • Half-Round - The most popular available. A simplistic and sturdy guttering suited for residential properties, conservatories and smaller commercial premises.
  • Deep Flow – Same as the half round, simplistic and sturdy guttering system but on a larger scale allowing a greater capacity. Copes better with heavier rainfall and for a larger roof coverage. 
  • Square-Line - A distinctive, attractive and contemporary feel. Can be top hung for a streamlined look. A larger profile, this is suitable for all residential but particularly for larger residential properties as copes better with a heavier rainfall and for a larger roof coverage. 
  • Universal Plus – Decorative and aesthetically pleasing offering an ultra-modern visual appearance. Universal Plus is narrower than the square line however, has more depth allowing a greater capacity. Ideal for larger properties, conservatories and small commercial premises. 
What colours can I have my guttering?

There are 5 colours we offer -

  • White 
  • Brown 
  • Black 
  • Grey 
  • Clay Brown
Why should I choose a UPVC guttering system?

No Maintenance. No painting or preserving old metal gutters and downpipes. The latest UPVC guttering wont rust, discolour, warp or crack. Not only improving the look of your home, but it’s also a financially viable investment that adds value to your property. 

How do you know soffit boards to fascia boards?

Fascia is the vertical board, which runs just under your roof material and the gutters attach. Soffit is the horizontal area that joins from your house to the facia edge. 

How much will it cost for a roof, fascia, soffit and guttering replacement?

The replacement will vary depending on the below. 

  • Size of your property 
  • How many floors to your property 
  • What products you are looking to replace with 

The only way to establish an accurate cost, would be to arrange a survey and provide a free, no obligation quotation. 

Why should I choose a UPVC soffit system?

No Maintenance. No painting or preserving old timber or UPVC soffit. The latest UPVC soffit wont rust, discolour, timber rot, warp or crack. Not only improving the look of your home, but it’s also a financially viable investment that adds value to your property. 

Fascia, Soffit and Guttering Brochure

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