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    Design and manufactured in our own factory.


Whether it’s a new door, window, Bi-fold or patio, there is a profile to match your requirement.

Designed and manufactured in our own factory

Doors, Windows and Bi-Folding doors are all worthy investment, for many different reasons. Rejuvenation to the exterior of the property, to offer the latest in security performance, reduce noise pollution, offer improved energy efficiency to your home are just some. No matter what you reasoning, we offer knowledge on all our products, to aid our customers in establishing what is the aim for the new windows and how you can achieve this. With bespoke touches such as the profiles, variations on glass and furniture colours. Offering as much choice as possible, to allow a full Bespoke experience. Working in partnership with one of the UK leading suppliers of Aluminium, offers us comprehensive online support, training and development in the newest innovative manufacturing processes.


If we choose to have an Aluminium product, is there as many styles available?
There is just as many styles available in Aluminium. This is a more bespoke choice made to your requirements.
What is the lead time for Aluminium products?
The lead time on Aluminium is approx. 6-8 weeks. Although slightly longer than UPVC this is a fully bespoke product, made to order.
Can I colour match an Aluminium product to my existing?
In most cases, yes! Using RAL colours and manufacture details from your original products we can get a perfect match.

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