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Bi-Fold & Sliding

Premium quality aluminium bi-fold and sliding products offer both security and style. Designed and manufactured in our own factory. Allowing maximum light exposure, either option will be extending your room into the outside area.  Options of either low thresholds for seamless easy access, or rebated thresholds that offer improved weather resistance.



Visofold can be used to open a room up; the system will make the most of a beautiful view or bring a garden into the home. An easily fold motion to open. Visofold offers a choice of configurations. Choose to fold the sashes internally or externally, place the opening at the side so the sashes all fold one way, to one end, or in the middle to give the option of a double door.



Visoglide, a smooth sliding action on a track within the frame. Whether this is the best product for an area within your home that is space restricted, or you have a vast space where a bifold may not be so appropriate due to high winds or upper floor apartments this will be beautiful, sleek addition to your home.


Premium Performance

Innovative polyamide thermal break technology, bringing the view of outside in, however leaving the cold outside. 

Manufactured with the highest quality gaskets and weather brushes to aid weather resistance.  

Achieving the requirements of Document L 2010. Security is assured using multi-point lock mechanisms. 


Can I colour match an Aluminium product to my existing?

In most cases, yes! Using RAL colours and manufacture details from your original products we can get a perfect match. 

Tracks and Panels. What are these?

Panels are the individual frames of glass. 

The track is located along the bottom of the door. This allows the panels a ‘track’ to run along. 

Sliders will have 2 or more panels can slide in either direction along the track.

Bi-Folds will have 2 or more panels that will concertina together, the pivot point of the fold runs in the track. 

How can I allow for privacy?

Sliders and Patios are known for been a suitable option to allow stunning views outside, but when it comes to not wanting views into your home there any many solutions available. Glass with controllable blinds inside, from manual to electric these are a sleek and stylish addition. If blinds are not a solution for you, we can offer smart glass. A tint, shade or obscurity available at a flick of a button. 

Aluminium Bi-Fold Data Sheet
Aluminium Patio Data Sheet

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