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Curtain Walling

Our versatile curtain wall systems offer an extensive range of solutions for the envelope of your architectural building. Featuring solutions for low- and high-rise buildings. Options for sloped, faceted or structural glazed facades. Providing an impressive, practical & economic solution. Capable of integration with our Aluminium window and door ranges.  Curtain walling comes in two varieties ladder or stick. Glass can be mirrored, tinted or opaque offering a bespoke feature and distinction. 

What is the difference between ladder and stick? 

The ladder system is better suited to smaller buildings as the frame is made up in the factory in sections that are then taken to site and ‘clipped’ together. 
The stick system is made up of individually prefabricated uprights and transoms which are put together on site to make up the complete screen. The preferred choice for larger buildings 

I thought curtain walling was just for commercial builds? 

Curtain walling can be used in any environment. Installations within residential properties have seen beautiful curtain wall systems in grand entrances allowing a Designer Door within the construction and pitched floor to ceiling gable ends of properties. Allowing for large picture window views or alternatively add in a Visofold 1000 bi fold. 

How can we benefit from curtain walling? 

Provide additional weather protection to your building. 
Reduce solar transmissions. 
Can be as flexible as you require when designing. 
Provide impressive and attractive aesthetics. 

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