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No other material looks – or feels - like real wood. Our range of enhanced timber doors offer many different styles that are highly stable, energy efficient, weatherproof, and secure. If you live in a period style home, it is important to maintain its authenticity when replacing doors. Using an inappropriate design or material is likely to reduce the value of your home.

Sustainably sourced with a traditional timber construction using softwood or hardwood. Fully factory finished and glazed. Endless design available, with many RAL colours or stain available. Most glass options will be double, however single, or triple options can be discussed.

Wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests, is the ‘greenest’ material you can choose. Engineered timber-based doors have significantly lower impacts on the environment compared to uPVC and composite products. Doors manufactured from engineered timber have an estimated lifespan of 60 years.

How long will they last?

Timber doors come with warranties to withstand.

  • 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects. 
  • 30 year warranty from timber rot and decay. 
  • 10 year warranty on the paint and stains. 
  • 5 years for the hardware and furniture. 
Hardwood VS Softwood?

When choosing timber concluding what material to go for can be a difficult decision.

Timber has been used for years as a building material, now in the 21st century its advanced to a high-level performance and efficiency.

Commonly known hardwoods are more durable, and softwoods are more workable. But softwoods are also known to be very sturdy ad hardwood can be light.

Both used for the same purpose, yet softwoods are a lower price point which reasons why softwood makes up 80% of the timber used across the world.

Whichever product you choose, rest assured both are highly sustainable, durable and energy efficient.

What does factory finished mean?

Doors that are factory finished are both painted and glazed, so all that remains is the installation. No sealing, painting, glazing or beading when we come to install.

What maintenance is required?

Timber doors should be cleaned annually, sometimes more if in a harsher environmental area.

A soft cloth used with water and a mild soap or washing up liquid. Any grease marks can be cleaned again with a soft cloth, washing up liquid and little or no water. Rinse with clean water after the grease is removed.

Wood is not indestructible. Maintenance is important, not only to keep the windows looking great but with the correct maintenance the windows should last past their guarantees.

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