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UPVC Doors


Our UPVC door range is designed to provide enhanced security, weather performance and energy efficiency as well as creating a stunning entry to your home.

Mechanically strong, secure, durable and have a high level of impact-resistance. Constructed from PVCu outer-skins, rigid styrofoam and layers of solid MDF.  Be assured only the toughest materials are used to form the panel door, ensuring that your door retain its shape and form, will not rot or warp, and will require only the minimal amount of maintenance. Core materials are bonded and moulded together using advanced technologies, to achieve the highest levels of thermal efficiency and weather performances. Multiple chambers within the door frame further increase the performance by acting as a barrier to heat loss.


Security, Efficiency & Durability

Internally beaded, BS Kite marked and multi point locking. Superb energy efficiency with ‘A’ rating as standard.  Installed with unrivalled manufacturer’s warranties on both frames and sealed glass units. Peace of mind over all aspects. 

What elements can be changed on a UPVC door to change the visual look?

There are several elements of a door you can change. The frame and door colour, the door itself would you like full panel, full glass or half and half. If you want glass is it clear, obscure or something with Georgian bar, lead design or a pattern. Less obvious items you can change are the beads and furniture of the door. There are plenty of options available.

How long does a door replacement take?

For a standard, single door replacement you should expect half a day on average. Anything which has side screens or top lights would need to have a little more time added.

How easy is it to care and maintain new UPVC Door?

Maintaining a lustrous finish on the frame, clean every three to four months with warm water and a mild liquid detergent such as washing up liquid.

When cleaning glass, soap and water to remove external grime. For a better finish, you can use a household window cleaner and a soft cloth.

Upon completion of your new door, you will be issued a care and maintenance guide.

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