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Roof Lights & Lanterns

Roof Lights & Lanterns
Natural light flooding into your home all year round. Suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes, whether a new build or an extension or refurbishment. Offering high-performance, high quality thermal insulation, light transmission with noise reduction. Suitable for both contemporary and traditional designs, new build homes, extensions and refurbishments. Roof light system is a flat solution which creates a contemporary look for any property. Featuring a sleek and slimline frame. Designed to allow for the glazing unit to be removed and replaced. While the frame remains in situ, providing an economical, cost-effective and long-life solution. Roof lantern system is a contemporary, high quality and thermally efficient pitched system. Featuring an aesthetically pleasing slim profile. With high levels of security, assured through design and construction.

What's the difference? 

A Roof Lantern differs to a Roof Light in that it is made from many frames together with rafters and ridges. Designed as an architectural feature, whereas roof lights are traditionally formed in a singular frame. 
Roof lights can have additional features such as opening, blinds and Automatic Opening Vent Systems. There is even a ‘walk on’ roof light, which can be installed both internally and externally to your home. 

Will mine be bespoke or ‘Off the shelf’ product? 

Roof lanterns offer a more bespoke solution, made to measure and technically designed to achieve correct apex and pitch. Roof lights are typically off the shelf, using generic sizes. However, we can offer a bespoke, made to measure solution if required. 

How do I choose - Lantern or Light? 

The greatest difference is appearance. Both viewed internally and externally, these solutions are contrast to one another. Lights are more subtle, barely visible from ground level. A nonintrusive frame for an unimpeded view to the sky. Lanterns are more of an architectural feature. Providing an impressive focal point, whether admiring from inside the property or outside looking back. 

Premium Performance 

Providing exceptional thermal insulation, light transmission, and noise reduction, with an option for double or triple glazed glass units. Durable and a low maintenance, a cost effective and long-life solution. 

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