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    Find a product, design and colour. Bespoke to meet your own requirements


Find a product, design and colour. Bespoke to meet your requirements.

Offering a selection of bespoke windows

New windows to your home are a worthy investment, for many different reasons. Rejuvenation to the exterior of the property, to offer the latest in security performance, reduce noise pollution, offer improved energy efficiency to your home are just some. No matter what you reasoning, we offer knowledge on all our products, to aid our customers in establishing what is the aim for the new windows and how you can achieve this. Products of Aluminium, UPVC and Timber to choose from. With further bespoke touches such as the profiles, variations on glass and furniture colours. Offering as much choice as possible, to allow a full Bespoke experience.

Bespoke Windows

What are the components of a window?
When replacing your windows, it's nice to know the key parts. Here is a diagram to aid you.
What’s the difference between single, double, or triple glazing?
Single glazing is one pane of glass in a window, Double glazing the most common and is the use of two panes of glass in a window and triple is three panes of glass in a window. Often filled with a gas known as argon between the panes to act as an insulator. The reason so many people choose double or triple glazed windows is the implications on energy efficiency, heat retention and noise reduction.
Why should I choose UPVC?
  • It will not rot or warp
  • It’s low maintenance
  • It’s thermally efficient
  • uPVC is cost effective – both timber and aluminium are a higher pricing point
  • It’s weather resilient
Can you match the style of my windows I have now?
Yes, we have an extremely wide range of windows to complement each and every home.
How long will it take to replace my windows?
For a standard, 3-bedroom property with 9 white UPVC standard windows you should expect 2 days on average.

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