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Aluminium Doors

A premium quality aluminium door offers both security and style. Manufactured with Aluminium Polyamide, rest assured of its outstanding performance,  with high-quality locking mechanisms and precision construction to give unbeatable strength and security. 

A range of designs available for your new door. Your door can be distinct and striking, stylish and original or new and timeless. High quality hardware for maximum protection is available for your home. Suppling a 10-point locking mechanism on aluminium doors for security and peace of mind. Matched with high quality furniture for a faultless look. 


Premium Performance

Successfully tested to PAS 24:2016 for enhanced security performance. Manufactured with 3 adjustable durable hinges and resistant to 80kg of pressure per hinge 

66mm triple glazed and PAS 24 security laminated glass units, for a low U value, noise reduction and thermally efficient. Double-rebated EPDM centre gaskets to provide enhanced weather protection. Panel polyester powder coated to Qualicoat and EN 12206-1 standards. 

Colour & Finish

Colour choices from standard or non-standard. Including metallic, dual colour, Smart’s Sensations textured, and Alchemy anodised effect finishes. 

Why choose Aluminium over another product?

Manufactured from high grade aluminium perfectly equipped to withstand everyday life. Offering thermal insulation, high security and longevity. They supersede other products available. 

It's Aluminium, what will it look like?

You will be choosing everything from the colour, accessories and even type of security features you would like on your door. With over 40 styles and over 65 colours available, your door can look just how you desire.

Will a new door add value to my home?

A new door will add value to your home. Like new windows, a door is a great first impression. The first thing any new buyer will see.

How long will it take to replace my door?

For a standard, door only replacement you should expect half a day on average.

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