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Something different… vertical sliding sash window will add character, value, and prestige to your property. Maintaining the classic and traditional feel of your home with modern technology. Offered in UPVC or timber.  Typically, of 2 sashes, one at the top and one at the bottom. Configured of either a single sash window which has only one moveable sash and one fixed sash or a double sash window with both moveable parts. For that extra feature to set you apart from the rest, we can offer tilt and turn sash windows. Allowing each sash to independently tilt in the frame.


Security, Efficiency & Durability

Whether its UPVC, timber or Aluminium that is most suitable for your property, rest assured you will still receive a high security window, with an energy ‘A’ or ‘B’ rating, with low U-Values. Installed with unrivalled manufacturer’s warranties on both frames and sealed glass units. Peace of mind over all aspects. 

What product would you suggest for sliding sash windows?

There are lots of deciding factors that conclude whether to progress with either UPVC or Timber. 

Both have benefits for different reasons and for us to offer our recommendation we would need to understand what you wish to achieve and what's your driving point for windows.

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